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Life is a series of transitions. Some are eagerly anticipated: graduation, marriage, children. Some can be unexpected and catch us unprepared: loss of a job, aging parents, the break up of a marriage or relationship. There are also transitions we actively pursue to help us create the life we want: change careers, move to a new home or city, find space for self-care, get healthier, improve our diet and exercise regime.
When choosing to create the life you envision for yourself, you are taking action.  It requires energy, courage, self-reflection, risk, fortitude. In other words, it is challenging.  Guidance and support go a long way towards success.

A professional can use their training, expertise and resources to help you articulate and achieve your goals.

That is where I come in.

Often we know where we want to go, but not how to get there. Sometimes we are not even sure of our destination, only that something has to change. Friends and family can be a wonderful source of support, but they may not have the expertise necessary to guide you. A coach can help identify what is holding you back. A professional can use their training, expertise, and resources to help you articulate and achieve your goals.

I know the questions to ask and can help translate your desires and experiences into purpose and action.

For 20 years I have helped people care for their physical and emotional well-being through massage, movement, nutrition, and exercise. In that capacity, I have been empowering my clients to take charge of their health and improve themselves in a variety of ways. I have helped them make healthier choices, prioritize themselves, exercise better self-care and improve their body awareness. Many people come to me when they are experiencing physical distress, the root of which is often mental unrest. Like the roots of a tree, all aspects of our wellness are intertwined and our success in any arena depends on the health of the whole.

Let me partner with and assist you in making the “work” of progress and change easier and more productive. Together we can create the environment and provide the roadmap to the life you want and deserve to lead.

It’s all in how you approach activity. If it’s play to you then it is play.

Listen to Maria talk with Laura Turner from, Move Better at Home.

Real talk about getting fit and staying healthy…from your own home.





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