We celebrate triumphs together, as friends who have been working towards a common goal.


who are recovering from (or aiming to prevent) injuries.


professionals who need to manage their stress.


who want to continue to walk.


who are looking to be pushed to the next level.


or golfers who want a tune-up ahead of the weekend.


who would love to improve their tennis game.

At TAKE SHAPE, our clients are our friends.

As a small company, we know all our clients as people—we know their schedules, their favorite workouts, what type of massages they like best. We celebrate triumphs together, as friends who have been working towards a common goal. We push on through plateaus and offer support through tough times. Our clients trust that TAKE SHAPE coaches and therapists have their best interests at heart. We want the best for them and are thrilled to be part of helping their lives, goals, and bodies take shape.

  • I am so grateful to the staff at TAKE SHAPE. As a long-time carpal tunnel sufferer, I was used to living with constant pain. But with regular massage therapy, I have been able to live pain-free! Moreover, I have learned more about my body and how my daily habits and stresses can impact my body and how to modify them and take better care of myself. Thank you!

    BF, Rowayton

  • TAKE SHAPE therapists put you at ease and listen with sincere care and concern. They target their knowledge and skills in response to your individual needs in body and mind. And they remember. This is an extraordinary practice that is honest, comfortable, truly personalized, effective, and rewarding.

    GR, Norwalk

  • Despite its convenient location right in the center of Darien, when you walk into TAKE SHAPE, it feels like you’ve stepped into a distant, serene, private haven. Their greeting is always filled with warmth and care, and I value the relaxed, professional style and assessment of my massage needs made on every visit. In addition, the heated massage tables, the softly colored sheets, and the restful music all set a mood that soothes mind and soul. But all of these are just wonderful complements to what has really kept me coming to TAKE SHAPE every week for over a year already: the team’s amazingly skillful massages that help repair and heal different parts of my body. Even when I think it will not be possible, I am always wrong. I am counting the days until I return. I am hooked…a massage enthusiast.

    DS, Stamford

  • I’ve been going to TAKE SHAPE for many years, and I can say unequivocally that Maria is simply the best! As an age-group triathlete, I consider Maria to be an active participant in my training. She is able to fix issues that I develop, and she gives me excellent guidance on how to adjust my exercise and fitness programs to keep me out of trouble. Maria is extremely talented, approaching each and every NKT session with tremendous enthusiasm, positive energy, and professionalism. Her extraordinary technique, intuitive assessment, and dedication all combine to provide healing that is incredibly profound. This is certainly beyond my understanding, but from personal experience I know that on all levels, Maria can divine what your body and spirit call for, then through her skill, empathy, and effort release what you no longer need, thus creating a soothing space for your body and mind. By the end of the session I am totally refreshed and rejuvenated! Maria’s passion comes through in so many ways. I am truly impressed by her knowledge of overall health and fitness, transcending both the physical and mental aspects of healing.

    BL, Stamford

  • Bea was really great. It was definitely different from any massage I’ve gotten before (which have been deep-tissue spa massages). As a customer, I would 11000000% come back. I like that it’s targeted more towards athletic people. That makes me feel like I can enjoy something and also be doing GOOD for my body. It felt like she was massaging my muscles with reason and intent. I liked how it felt targeted to my specific body, and not a cookie-cutter massage. I liked the music, and the atmosphere as well. TAKE SHAPE is a brand I can honestly stand behind to promote.

    ED, Stamford

  • Maria is a tremendous NKT therapist who has a clear passion for her work. She has a great knowledge of the body and gifted hands! Using NKT, she focuses on uncovering the root of the problem, not just treating the symptom. I had been resigned to what I thought was patellar tendinitis in my knee—aggravated by a lot of tennis that I wasn’t willing to give up—but through NKT work, Maria discovered that my sore knee was a by-product of inactive glute muscles and tight adductors—and once those issues were corrected, the knee pain disappeared! Maria’s focus, attention, and care are unparalleled. If you are a serious athlete, a weekend warrior, or recovering from an injury, she will help get your body mechanics functioning optimally—providing relief from ongoing pain and helping prevent future injuries. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

    AS, Darien

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